Brindavan Udyog (India) is vertically integrated on a global scale. As a result, we’re capable of providing world class services and delivering the products to customers worldwide. Customers are provided with a number of value-added services, such as market intelligence, risk management and assistance in deciding efficient transportation systems.

Various transportation systems help in allowing access to all major agricultural producing and consuming regions across six continents. Whether by road, rail, air, river or ocean, Brindavan Udyog (India) has the fleet and equipment to meet customers’ needs around the world with quality, efficiency and reliable service.

Quality Statement :
Quality has been the one feature that has allowed us to flourish while others have closed. Generations of customers know that they can always trust their prized goods to come out right using Brindavan Udyog (India) products. We view profit and wealth-creation as inevitable by-products of doing things well.
Our goal is to produce the highest quality products at the lowest total cost to provide the best overall value to our customers. We are committed to maintaining the most efficient operating facilities possible through application of total quality management principles and planned strategic growth.

We recognize the strength of our people, and yet we strive for continuous improvement of our people, process and service to achieve our ultimate goal of total customer satisfaction. We will provide our customers with the best products and the most trusted service in the milling industry. We are still growing, attending seminars, studying, and learning. Total Quality Management is and will continue to be an on going process.

We pledge to continue to provide only the finest quality "Brindavan Udyog (India)" products for which we are now known.


Research & Development :
Brindavan Udyog's product development and applications are constantly at work to improve existing products, develop new concepts, and help our customers to profitably apply our systems in their finished products.

We stay up to date on current trends and issues affecting our field through participation in various seminars, exhibitions and trade fairs.

We are at your service, with a staff of experts ready to apply our expertise to your ingredient challenge. Brindavan Udyog (India) is passionate, believe in, and enjoy our business and products.

Excellent Customer Service :
A tradition of uncompromising quality, consistency and service are the cornerstones of our commitment to you.

• Tailor - made products - To assure practical solutions, Brindavan Udyog (India), begins by thoroughly evaluating your needs. That means good communications, from product development to expert delivery and follow-through.

• Personal Relationship - Our customers feel that they have a personal relationship with Brindavan Udyog (India). We're motivated by knowing that every day, people across the country count on us to make their products the best it can be. It’s a responsibility every single one of us takes very seriously. Our customers have incredible loyalty to us and to our products, not to mention a sincere enthusiasm that is constantly generating additional customers.

• After Sales Service - Our sales/service veterans are experts in the markets we serve, offering you the applications assistance and technical trouble-shooting necessary to ensure profitable application of Brindavan Udyog (India) products.

Brindavan Udyog (India) is proud to provide the total solution you need to develop and consistently produce all of the high-quality products your customers demand. Our customers trust us to be responsive. They count on us to do what we say we will do — and to be an essential ingredient in their success.